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Merritt dog training board and train in Charlotte nc

 Expert Board and Train Programs 

Unlock your dog’s potential with Merritt Dog Training’s Board and Train programs in Charlotte. Our expert trainers, led by Ken, specialize in transforming dogs through intensive, personalized training that focuses on obedience, behavior modification, and owner education.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customer

"Ken did an amazing job with Dakota, our mini Bernedoodle. In just two weeks, she was well versed in basic commands. Ken kept us updated on her progress and shared videos of her training along the way. The best part was teaching us. We feel much more confident in how to continue her training, and we know Ken is always there for questions and support.''

-Jodi Blackwood

Schedule Your Consultation Today Inspired by Dakota’s transformation? Discover how our board and train programs can benefit your dog. Start your journey to a better-behaved companion by scheduling a consultation now.

 Why Our Board and Train Programs Stand Out? 

Why Us: Merritt Dog Training stands out for our commitment to real-world applicability, deep behavioral understanding, and lifelong learning. Our expert team in Charlotte, NC, is dedicated to not just training your dog, but also empowering you with the knowledge and skills to maintain and advance those behaviors. Our programs are structured around three pivotal training phases to ensure a holistic behavioral trasnformation for your dog.

Real-World Immersion Training

This phase equips your dog with the skills to behave appropriately in a variety of everyday situations. Real-World Immersion Training is crucial for adapting their behavior to different environments, from busy urban areas to quiet neighborhoods. Exposure to diverse settings ensures your dog learns to follow commands reliably, making every outing a pleasant experience.

Canine Communication Coaching 

 Canine Communication Coaching focuses on enhancing the understanding between you and your dog, particularly in interpreting and managing their reactions to the world around them. This training phase is about building a deeper connection, enabling you to guide your dog's behavior effectively in any situation, ensuring they remain focused and responsive

Continuum Care Package

The Continuum Care Package extends our support beyond the initial training, providing you with the tools and resources to sustain and enhance your dog's good behavior over time. It includes personalized follow-up sessions and unlimited access to expert advice, ensuring you're prepared to navigate future challenges confidently, keeping your dog well-behaved in any setting

Choose Your Program

2-Week Behavior Boost

This program lays the foundational skills your dog needs, focusing on obedience and basic behavior corrections. It’s designed to quickly instill essential commands and good manners, preparing your dog for more complex training. The intensive two-week format includes immersive real-world experiences, foundational communication coaching, and starts the journey of continuous care, ensuring a solid base for your dog’s behavioral development. 

4-Week Behavioral Makeover 

The “4-Week Behavioral Makeover” offers a comprehensive approach to advanced obedience and complex behavioral issues. It builds on foundational skills with deeper immersion in real-world scenarios, advanced communication strategies, and extended continuous care. This program is tailored for significant behavioral transformation, equipping you and your dog with the tools for lasting change, focusing on consistency, responsiveness, and a deepened bond.

ready to start your journey

Dog training group session at Merritt Dog Training in Charlotte, NC

Begin your dog’s journey to better behavior with Merritt Dog Training’s Board and Train program. Our dedicated trainers are committed to providing not just training but a foundation for a better life together with your dog

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