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Enhance Dog Training in Charlotte, NC with our
Board and Train

Are You
Struggling to Find the Right
Dog Training Program
in Charlotte, NC?

Merritt dog training, training session in Charlotte, NC

Look no further! At Merritt Dog Training, we understand the 

challenges of finding a program that meets

your dogs unique needs.

Our board and train program offers a solution tailored to your dog's behavior and obedience training requirements.

Personalized Care and Attention

At Merritt Dog Training, our exclusive focus on three dogs at a time ensures unparalleled supervision and attentive care for each furry companion, setting us apart from larger facilities

Real World

At Merritt Dog Training, we break away from the crowd. Unlike overbooked boarding facilities, our focus on real-world training ensures your dog receives tailored coaching for adaptable skills in various environment

At Merritt Dog Training, our exclusive 2-week board and train program offer's intensive training in a comforting home-based environment. With a maximum of three dogs at a time, we guarantee personalized attention, consistent coaching, ample socialization, and unique 24-hour supervision and care.


What sets us apart is our home-based approach. Your dog learns in a familiar setting, similar to their own home, fostering a structured and nurturing atmosphere for faster progress and improved obedience.


Moreover, unlike traditional boarding facilities, we provide round-the-clock supervision and care. Your dog will experience constant attention and guidance, ensuring a comfortable and secure learning environment.


But that's not all. At Merritt Dog Training, we go beyond traditional methods. In the second week of the program, we expose your dog to various public spaces for real-life training, ensuring they excel in diverse environments.


 Enroll your dog in our board and train program for comprehensive coaching, individualized attention, 24-hour care, and lasting results. Begin today and witness the remarkable transformation in your dog's behavior

Key Commands Covered In Our Program

At Merritt Dog Training, we emphasize core commands pivotal to your dog’s behavior and responsiveness. These essential instructions encompass ‘Sit,’ where your dog learns to lower into a seated position on command, ‘Heel,’ which teaches controlled walking by your side, ‘Place,’ guiding your dog to a designated spot and stay, ‘Recall,’ ensuring a swift return when called, and ‘Off,’ instructing your dog to refrain from jumping or unwanted behavior. These commands serve as the cornerstone of your pet’s obedience and social adaptability in various situations, fostering a respectful and well-disciplined canine companion.


Your dog learns to sit and wait patiently on command. This command is useful for various situations, such as  greeting guests or waiting at busy intersections.


Teach your dog to walk calmly and obediently by your side. No more pulling or dragging you down the street.


Teach your dog to go to a designated spot and stay there until released. This is particularly helpful for creating boundaries and preventing unwanted behaviors.


Ensure your dog comes when called, even in distracting 

environments. This command is crucial for their safety and allows you to have control in off-leash situations. 


Teach your dog to stop jumping on people or furniture. This command promotes polite behavior and prevents potential accidents or damage. 

Mastering these commands, your dog will become well-behaved, obedient, and a joy to be around. These skills will greatly enhance your relationship and allow you to confidently take your dog anywhere with pride.

Dog training group session at Merritt Dog Training in Charlotte, NC

Support and Resources Every Step of the Way.

Do you wish you had ongoing support and resources to assist you even after the training program ends? We've got you covered! In addition to our board and train program, we offer complimentary group classes for practice and socialization. You'll also receive lifetime phone support, ensuring you have access to guidance whenever you need it. Stay informed and  engaged  with our weekly dog training blogs and newsletters, providing valuable insights into your dog's progress.

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