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Group Class with Merritt Dog Training in Charlotte NC

expert dog behaviorist services at merritt dog training

Welcome to Merritt Dog Training, where personalized guidance from Ken, our expert dog behaviorist, transforms your and your dog's life. Our unique approach, centered around understanding and effectively addressing canine behavior, sets the foundation for a fulfilling relationship between you and your pet.

Why Choose Merritt Dog Training

Decades of Dog Behaviorist Expertise

Ken, the heart and soul behind Merritt Dog Training, is not just an owner but a passionate dog behaviorist with over two decades of experience in enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners. His deep understanding of canine psychology and behavior comes from years of dedicated work and specialized training, including a rigorous 500-hour immersion course for dog behaviorist.

 Science-Based Training Methods

Ken stays at the forefront of dog behavior science, applying the latest evidence-based strategies to all training session. This dedication to excellence distinguishes us at the home of a premier dog behaviorist in Charlotte.

Exclusive Home-Based Board and Train Programs

Tailored Strategies for Your Dog

Our exclusive Board and Train program combines personalized home-based training with real-world public setting experiences, ensuring dogs learn in the environments they live in and frequent. This approach, distinct from crowded boarding facilities, focuses on individualized care and real-life adaptability, under Ken’s expert guidance as a dog behaviorist. It’s designed for deep, lasting behavioral improvements

One-on-One Dog Training

Our approach to dog training is centered around the unique needs and personality of your dog. With Ken's extensive experience as a dog behaviorist, each training plan is customized using compassion, patience, and positive reinforcement, leading to meaningful results.

Comprehensive Service Dog Training

As a skilled dog behaviorist, Ken excels in training service dogs for various needs, showcasing his prowess in behavior modification and obedience training. This experience underlines his ability to address a wide range of behavioral issues, making him a sought-after dog behaviorist in Charlotte

Ready to experience the difference Merritt Dog Training can make for your furry friend? Contact us today for a consultation or learn more about our training programs

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