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Merritt dog training obedience training charlotte, nc

Obedience Training For Dogs

Expert Puppy Training and Dog Trainer Services for All Breeds, Sizes and Ages

Merritt Dog Training: Expert puppy training, board and train, and in-home dog training services. Tailored for all breeds, sizes and ages for perfect behavior and harmony

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We'll assess your dog's behavior and temperament to create a tailored training plan that meets your goals.


We'll identify the causes of your dog's behavior issues and outline a personalized training plan.


This session involves starting the practical training with you and your dog illustrating our methods.

Hello Dog lovers...

Are you struggling with your dog's lack of training and find no time to address it?

Does your dog acts aggressively toward other dog's or people, making outings or visits challenging?

Is your dog damaging furniture, shoes, or other items by chewing?

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety, stressing both of you?

Do you find it difficult to walk your dog on leash?

If you've said 'yes' to any of these issues...

Don't hesitate to book a FREE TRASNFORMATION SESSOIN with Charlotte's area's Premier Dog Trainer it's a  



At Merritt Dog Training, we are your trusted destination for exceptional dog obedience training services. We emphasize the crucial importance of a solid behavioral foundation, and our tailored programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each dog. From puppy training to advanced dog behavior training, our offerings help transform your pet into a well-mannered and obedient companion.


Puppy Training Excellence: Our approach to puppy training distinguishes us from others. Our local dog trainers are experts in addressing the challenges young dogs face. By recognizing the individuality of each puppy, we create personalized training plans that cater to their specific behavioral traits and learning styles. This early training sets the stage for a lifetime of positive behaviors.


Board and Train Dog Obedience Programs: For those who need a more intensive training schedule, our Board and Train services are perfect. These programs combine basic obedience dog training with stay-in accommodations, providing a comprehensive learning experience. Additionally, our dog obedience classes offer a structured and supportive environment where your dog can learn essential commands, proper social etiquette, and critical interaction skills.


Aggressive Dog Training: We also specialize in aggressive dog training. Our skilled trainers utilize positive reinforcement dog training techniques to manage and rehabilitate challenging behaviors effectively, ensuring your dog’s progress towards becoming a calm and responsive pet.


At Merritt Dog Training, we are committed to the highest standards of training, delivered by some of the best dog trainers in the industry. Our programs are flexible, designed to suit dogs of all ages and temperaments, and are perfect for those seeking local dog trainers with a proven track record.


Join us at Merritt Dog Training, where we build the foundation for your dog’s better behavior and a harmonious relationship between you and your pet. Discover the difference that professional training can make and start your journey with us today

Ken of Merritt Dog Training leads a group dog training session in Charlotte NC, demonstrating techniques to clients in a park setting
Ken of Merritt Dog Training conducts a personalized training session for an aggressive dog with a client in Charlotte NC, focusing on behavior improvement.

Merritt Dog Training offers premier aggression rehab and specialized behavior modification programs, providing a comprehensive training experience. Your dog will benefit from a controlled and structured environment focused on intensive behavior modification. Our experienced trainers will engage directly with your dog, tackling specific behavioral challenges and instilling essential commands to transform them into obedient and well-mannered companions.


Each dog enrolled in our behavior modification programs receives personalized attention from our professional trainers. This one-on-one approach allows for immediate identification and correction of behavioral issues, enhancing obedience and manners. Our specialized training programs for both adult dogs and puppies emphasize socialization and practical training skills that are often challenging to develop in a home setting. Post-training, dogs return to their owners with noticeably improved behaviors, easing the transition back into the home and reducing stress for both pet and owner.


Dedicated to excellence, Merritt Dog Training is your trusted provider of top-notch behavior modification and aggression rehab services. Our expert trainers, utilizing comprehensive and effective training methods, guarantee the highest standard of education and care for your dog. Trust in our ability to help your dog achieve their full potential as a well-behaved, obedient companion

Introducing Kenneth Merritt, the Founder and Lead Trainer

Kenneth Merritt founder and lead trainer of Merritt Dog Training training with clients at a group session in Charlotte NC

Ken's dedication to aiding both people and dogs has driven him to focus on training service dogs for a variety of roles, including support for veterans, individuals with hearing impairments, and those dealing with PTSD. His expertise also extends to preparing dogs to work in funeral homes, where impeccable obedience is critical due to their frequent interactions in public settings

Ken's extensive work with service dogs in challenging environments has sharpened his expertise in behavior modification and obedience training. This rich background enables him to achieve a high success rate in overcoming typical behavioral issues encountered by pet owners and their beloved dogs.


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