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Choosing The Right Board and Train in Charlotte, NC

Selecting the right board and train program is key for pet owners seeking comprehensive behavior training. At Merritt Dog Training, led by Ken, a seasoned dog behaviorist, we offer a transformative, home-based experience, distinct from standard dog boarding.

Our approach ensures personalized attention and continuous care, as we train in real-world scenarios, including the home and public places, with a limited capacity of three dogs at a time to ensure focused, individualized training.

Unlike traditional boarding, where dogs may be left alone overnight, our program guarantees that your dog is never left unattended, fostering a safe and secure learning environment.

This commitment to continuous care and our ability to train within real-life contexts allow us to address behavioral challenges effectively, setting the foundation for lasting behavioral improvements.

Merritt Dog Training Board and Train Charlotte NC
Winston seated calmly in the training living room at Merritt Dog Training NC

Merritt Dog Training in Charlotte, NC, redefines the standards for board and train programs, offering not just training, but a nurturing experience that prepares your dog for the complexities of the real world.

What is a Board and Train Dog Training Program?

Merritt Dog Training's Board and Train Programs, stands out by offering dogs 24-hour personalized care and immersive training. Unlike the approach of a standard board and train facility, our approach ensures continuous learning under the guidance of our expert staff, including Ken, who cover everything from obedience to modifying behavior.

Dogs benefit from a mix of individualized sessions and group classes, enhancing social skills and good behavior across various settings. An essential component is the private lessons provided to owners, facilitating a smooth transition of training from our home to your home.

This ensures the longevity of the training’s impact, reinforcing the skills learned during the program. Choosing Merritt Dog Training is more than an investment in dog training; it's a commitment to enhancing your shared life, establishing a foundation for lifelong obedience and a deepened bond between you and your pet.

Benefits of a Board and Train in charlotte

Opting for Merritt Dog Training's board and train program delivers unparalleled benefits to dogs and their family. Our expert trainer Ken, together with our team of trainers, provides personalized, structured learning experiences to train your dog effectively.

This program is designed to address obedience and behavioral needs comprehensively. Our commitment extends beyond the board and train stay, with trainers ready to equip the family with techniques to reinforce and build upon their dog's progress.

This ensures a smooth transition back home and lasting behavioral improvements.

Families gain not only a trained dog but also the knowledge to maintain all new learned behaviors. This collaborative effort between our trainers and the family underscores the value of our board and train program, fostering a harmonious and fulfilling family-pet relationship.

At Merritt Dog Training, preparing dogs for the real world is central to our mission. Led by Ken, our experienced trainer, we emphasize real-world scenarios, ensuring dogs are adept at navigating both home environments and public spaces.

Our unique, home-based approach allows us to focus on individual dogs, with a capacity limited to just three at a time, guaranteeing personalized attention.

This detailed attention is crucial from the puppy's life stage onward, teaching them to handle diverse situations effectively.

It's not merely about the quantity of dogs we train but the quality of training each one receives. Our trainers are dedicated to teaching practical skills that apply directly to everyday life, ensuring dogs learn to adapt to various environments and challenges By integrating training within real-world contexts, Merritt Dog Training equips every dog with the necessary skills to thrive in any setting.

This approach ensures that each dog, irrespective of their start in life, is well-prepared for the complexities of daily interactions, making their transition into the world smooth and confident.

Why Board and Train Isn't a Quick fix

A board and train program is not merely a quick solution but a foundational step towards lasting behavioral change. At Merritt Dog Training, our head trainer Ken, alongside our dedicated team of trainers, underscores the necessity of ongoing commitment after the boarding period.

Throughout the board and train experience, our trainers meticulously teach each dog, focusing on personalized training that addresses individual needs. However, the journey to behavioral improvement extends beyond our program.

Post-boarding, it is imperative for owners to actively reinforce the training at home. This reinforcement ensures the skills taught by our trainers during the board and train stay become ingrained habits, fostering continuous learning and adaptation.

Our program is designed not just to train dogs but also to teach owners how to sustain and build upon this progress, making the boarding and training experience a comprehensive educational journey.

By choosing Merritt Dog Training, you're committing to a partnership where our trainers provide the foundation, and you, the owner, continue the essential work of teaching and reinforcing these behaviors for lifelong success.

How Long Does a Board and Train Last?

The duration of our board and train program varies, tailored to meet the specific needs of each dog and their training goals. Ranging from 2-4 weeks, our programs at Merritt Dog Training ensure that every dog receives the right amount of training to address both basic obedience and more complex behavior issues.

This flexibility allows Ken to provide a personalized training experience, guaranteeing that the investment in our board and train program yields significant, lasting results.

Unlike standard dog boarding facilities, our comprehensive approach ensures that each dog benefits from a full spectrum of training, including crate training, potty training, and advanced behavior training, within a timeframe that promotes true behavioral change, and addressing unwanted behavior.

Are Board and Train Programs Worth It?

The value of investing in a board and train program at Merritt Dog Training is immeasurable. Our programs offer more than just dog training; they provide a pathway to a better life for you and your dog.

Through intensive training, personalized care, and 24-hour supervision, dogs emerge from our program transformed, ready to integrate into their family and social environments smoothly.

The benefits of our board and train program extend beyond the training period, with Ken and our staff offering support and guidance to ensure the transition back home is successful.


This long-term approach to dog training, focusing on both the dog's immediate needs and their future well-being, makes our board and train program a worthy investment for any dog owner seeking a comprehensive solution to behavior training.

Board and Train for Aggressive Dogs

Addressing aggression in dogs requires specialized knowledge and a compassionate approach, both hallmarks of Merritt Dog Training's board and train program for aggressive dogs.

With Ken's expertise, we delve into the root causes of aggression, employing tailored behavior training techniques to manage and modify aggressive tendencies.

Our program offers a safe, controlled environment for this sensitive training, ensuring dogs learn to express themselves in more positive ways.

Calm and Obedient dog seated on place bed. Gentle approach of Merritt Dog Training
Calm and obiedient dog seated on place bed. Gentle approach of Merritt Dog Training.

Training aggressive dogs also involves teaching owners how to maintain and reinforce these new behaviors, a critical component of our program.

Unlike standard dog boarding facilities, our approach provides the dedicated attention and expertise needed to transform an aggressive dog into a more sociable, well-behaved companion

Where Will Your Dog Be Staying?

Within Merritt Dog Training’s program, dogs enjoy a home-based, nurturing setting that significantly differs from the norm found at traditional boarding facilities. Under Ken's meticulous care, this environment ensures a balanced combination of comfort and structured training.

The home setting is crucial for reinforcing learned behaviors in a context similar to the dog's regular living conditions, facilitating a smoother transition of these behaviors back into the home.

This approach, emphasizing a familiar and reassuring atmosphere, is instrumental in supporting the dog's training journey, offering them a sense of security and normalcy that is rarely found in standard boarding settings. Ken’s direct involvement guarantees that each dog’s stay is as enriching as it is educational

What Will Your Dog's Routine Be at Board and Train?

At Merritt Dog Training, every dog's routine is thoughtfully structured to balance training, play, and rest, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching board and train experience.

Under Ken's supervision, dogs enjoy a daily schedule that includes personalized training sessions focused on obedience, behavior modification, and socialization.

In addition to structured learning, dogs have opportunities for free play and interaction with other dogs in a safe, controlled environment, promoting social skills and physical health. Rest periods are equally important, allowing dogs to relax in a comfortable, home-like setting.

This routine, distinct from the more limited schedules often found at standard dog boarding facilities, ensures that dogs receive a well-rounded experience, fostering both their physical and mental well-being.

How Will the Trainer Transfer Skills to You?

Through our Canine Communication Coaching and Continuum Care Package, Merritt Dog Training ensures a seamless transition of skills to dog owners.. Here's a brief overview:

Canine Communication Coaching focuses on enhancing your understanding of your dog's behavior and reactions. It will teach you to read and respond to your dog's signals effectively, fostering a deeper connection and more effective guidance system. This coaching is crucial for managing reactions and maintaining focus, even in distracting environments.

The Continuum Care Package extends support beyond the initial training, offering resources like newsletters, blogs, unlimited phone support, and personalized training sessions in public settings.

This package is designed to reinforce and build upon your dog's training, ensuring their behavior remains consistent across various situations. For those interested in learning how these programs can transform your relationship with your dog and maintain their training long-term, contact us directly.

We have even more insights and personalized advice to share, ensuring you and your dog enjoy a successful, fulfilling journey together.

Refresher Training

Refresher training is an integral part of maintaining and enhancing the progress your dog has made during their board and train program. At Merritt Dog Training, we understand that learning is an ongoing process.

Our refresher courses are designed to reinforce previously learned behaviors and introduce new skills as your dog's needs evolve. This ongoing support ensures that the investment in your dog's training continues to pay dividends, keeping them engaged, well-behaved, and mentally stimulated.

Ken's personalized approach to refresher training means that each session is tailored to your dog's current level and specific challenges, ensuring that every dog, regardless of age or previous training, remains on the path to continuous improvement, through our one-on-one private lessons and on-going support.

Puppy Training

Puppy training at Merritt Dog Training goes beyond basic commands, focusing on critical early-life skills like socialization, crate training, and potty training. Ken's expertise as a dog behaviorist ensures that each puppy benefits from a curriculum designed to address the unique challenges puppies face, setting the foundation for a well-behaved dog.

This program not only teaches puppies how to interact safely with other dogs and humans but also introduces them to various environments, preparing them for real-life situations.

The transition from puppy classes to everyday life is seamless, thanks to our focus on positive reinforcement and behavior training that encourages good behavior from the start. Unlike traditional dog boarding, our puppy training program provides a nurturing, educational experience, ensuring puppies grow into confident, obedient, and social pets.

Group Classes

Ken curates these classes to extend the learning journey beyond individual sessions, focusing on group dynamics and social etiquette among dogs.

This exposure is vital for dogs to practice obedience and proper behavior in settings that mimic everyday encounters, preparing them for a wide range of social situations.

The blend of structured training with the opportunity for controlled social interaction underpins the holistic training philosophy at Merritt Dog Training, ensuring that each dog is not only trained but also well-prepared to thrive in the company of other dogs and people.

Boarding Services

At Merritt Dog Training, boarding is exclusively offered as part of our comprehensive training programs, ensuring a productive and enriching experience for every dog.

This unique approach to boarding integrates daily personalized training sessions, reinforcing and building upon each dog's progress. Unlike traditional boarding, our service focuses on continuous learning within a nurturing environment, making every moment of the stay beneficial.

This structure supports sustained behavioral development and skill enhancement, providing dogs with the consistent training necessary for lasting change.

Puppy Board and Train Packages

Merritt Dog Training’s Puppy Board and Train Packages in Charlotte, NC, cater specifically to puppies destined for important roles as therapy dogs, service dogs, and emotional support animals.

Directed by Ken, this program emphasizes early socialization, foundational obedience, crate training, and potty training—critical for their specialized future duties. 

Our tailored approach ensures each puppy is prepared for the demands of their certification, focusing on skills like discipline, patience, and specific tasks such as guiding or providing comfort.

We introduce diverse environments and situations to promote adaptability and resilience, key for support roles. Moreover, fostering a deep bond between puppies and their handlers is a cornerstone of our training, vital for their effectiveness and well-being in their future work.

Merritt Dog Training's packages are designed to equip these puppies not just with necessary commands and behaviors, but with the compassion and understanding essential for their roles in enhancing the lives of others.

Group Dog Training Classes

Group Dog Training Classes at Merit Dog Training are essential for developing socialization and obedience in a community setting. These classes, crucial for future service and therapy dogs, simulate real-world interactions, training dogs to maintain focus and polite behavior among distractions.

Ken’s expertise guides dogs through various scenarios, enhancing their adaptability and readiness for public roles. Controlled exposure to different environments and stimuli ensures that dogs learn effective social behaviors, preparing them for their responsibilities as service and therapy animals.

This collaborative learning environment reinforces the foundational skills necessary for their success in serving and supporting their future handlers.

Can Aggression Be Trained Out of a Dog?

At Merritt Dog Training, we understand that aggression in dogs often stems from underlying issues such as fear, anxiety, or lack of proper socialization. While aggression can be considered a part of a dog's temperament, with the right approach, it can be managed and significantly reduced.

Our programs focus on understanding each dog's issues, improving the dog's focus, and teaching them to avoid distractions. By employing positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques, rather than resorting to shock collars, we work to change the context around the dog's aggressive responses.

Our aim is to provide strategies for dogs to cope in situations that previously triggered their aggressive response, ensuring they can stay calm and responsive.

Is It Too Late to Train My Aggressive Dog?

It's a common concern among dog owners, but at Merritt Dog Training, we believe it's never too late to start training an aggressive dog. Age does not limit a dog's ability to learn new behaviors and ways of interacting with the world.

Our training programs are tailored to address and manage aggressive behavior, focusing on enhancing the dog's focus, understanding the root of the dog's issues, and teaching alternative behaviors to aggression.

We emphasize creating a safe and controlled environment where your dog can learn to stay calm and avoid distractions, moving away from aggression as a default response. With patience and consistency, significant improvements can be made at any stage in a dog's life.

With patience and consistency, significant improvements can be made at any stage in a dog’s life. For those interested in learning how these programs can transform your relationship with your dog and maintain their training long-term, contact us directly. We’re here to provide more insights and personalized advice, ensuring you and your dog enjoy a successful, fulfilling journey together


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