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This solution is best designed for families who have the time to dedicate to training and who want to be more involved. We will work with you and your dog step-by-step throughout the training – either in the comfort of your home or a local park. The key is repetition and consistency to learn the new desired behaviors. Success depends not only on the live training with a member of our team, but also in the work and consistent reinforcement you and your family members put in between the lessons. One of the great benefits is the satisfaction you will feel in being involved with your best friend, and the reward you experience upon completion. There is an immense sense of satisfaction with seeing the results of a obedient and loving dog – and knowing you did it with them. Our goal is also to help you become a more confident handler. We work to educate you so that your dog will have continued success upon completion of one of our programs. We will set up a post-training action plan with you to ensure that you both stay on track. We want you and your dog to be completely satisfied with your service. That’s why we offer free pack walks with our professional dog trainers after the completion of any of our programs. We also offer a discounted rate on our board & train services if more intensive training is required. We will not stop until you are satisfied.

Our Basic In-Home Training Program., is perfect for those looking to establish a solid foundation and instill essential behavior skills in their dogs. This program focuses on teaching your dog their place within the pack hierarchy and establishing clear boundaries. Through structured exercises and positive reinforcement techniques, your dog will learn obedience commands, impulse control, and polite manners. Build a strong relationship with your dog and set them up for a lifetime of good behavior.

What's Included:

  • Pack Structure Training: Establish clear boundaries and leadership to help your dog understand their place within the pack hierarchy.

  • Sit: Master the art of sitting on command. It's not just a cute trick; it's the cornerstone of obedience and manners!

  • Heel: Say goodbye to the leash tug-of-war. Teach your dog to walk politely by your side and make walks a breeze.

  • Place Command: Give your pup their own special spot. Watch as they find their chill and bring more peace to your home.

  • Recall: Ensure your dog comes running when called, no matter the distraction. its safety and control in a single command!


  • Establishes essential commands and basic manners.

  • Promotes a positive relationship between you and your dog.

  • Provides a solid foundation for further advanced training.

  • Enhances your dog's sociability and confidence.

Pack Structure Benefits:

  • Helps your dog understand his/her place in the family hierarchy, reducing anxiety and behavioral issues.

  • Promotes harmony in the household by establishing clear roles and expectations.

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Working with you every step of the way

Puppy Training

Embark on a Transformative 3-Week Journey with Your Pup!

Join our exclusive program designed to set you and your adorable new companion on the path to a lifelong bond filled with joy and understanding. Our expert-led sessions empower you and your family with invaluable skills and insights to nurture your puppy into the perfect companion.

What you'll master in our program:

  • Housebreaking & Crate Training: Say goodbye to accidents with our proven techniques.

  • Control of Resources: Learn the keys to fostering positive behaviors around food and training rewards.

  • Handling Skills & Building Tolerance: Equip your puppy to love touch and handling, ensuring a lifetime of comfort.

  • Socialization Mastery: Unleash your pup's social potential and create a confident, well-rounded companion.

  • Preventing & Stopping Puppy Biting: Bid farewell to unwanted nipping behaviors with our effective strategies

Get ready to witness a happier, well-adjusted puppy and create a foundation for a harmonious relationship filled with tail wags and boundless love. Say yes to a brighter future with your furry family member today!

Program Benefits

  • Puppy Bonding: Foster a strong connection between your family and your pup.

  • Lifelong Skills: Equip yourself and your pup with essential life skills for a lasting relationship.

  • Companionship: Lay the groundwork for a joyful, fulfilling companionship with your furry friend.

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