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Specializing in Puppy and Dog Obedience Training

Charlotte Obedience Training for Every Dog 

Merritt Dog Training crafts custom solutions for pets of any size, age, and breed

Our Canine Training Services

Explore our comprehensive range of canine training options, each designed to cater to different aspects of dog behavior and owner needs.

Happy retriever on leash during real world dog training sesson

Home-Based Board and Train Program 

Our 2-week Home-Based Board and Train program is tailored for effective learning in a home-like environment. It focuses on real-world behavior correction through continuous and intensive board and train dog training. Read More About Board and Train »

Dog trainer instructing a labrador showcasing one-on-one dog training

 In-Home Dog Training 

 Customized four-week In-Home Dog Training directly in your living space. This program offers specialized dog obedience training with the guidance of our skilled dog behaviorists, designed to address your dog’s unique challenges and your family’s goals. Learn More About In-Home Training »

Brown Poodle training in pet house with dog trainer

Puppy Training Program

Initiate your puppy’s education with our structured 3-week Puppy Jump Start Program. This puppy training program sets the foundation with puppy obedience training, emphasizing early habit formation and clear communication. Explore Our Puppy Training »

Clients Love Merritt Dog Training 

Practical Dog Training & Ongoing Support

Our training programs are deeply rooted in real-world practicality, thoroughly reinforced by comprehensive ongoing support, and solidified with guaranteed follow-up sessions to ensure lasting behavioral improvements. With Merritt Dog Training, experience a highly effective approach to dog training that not only teaches essential skills but also supports your dog’s progress long after initial sessions conclude. Our commitment to real-life applications and continual guidance is what sets us apart, providing you and your dog with the tools for sustained success.

Ken of Merritt Dog Training conducting a public training session with Lionel, focusing on obedience amid the distractions of uptown Charlotte

My Philosophy: Expert Dog Behaviorist Approach

Personal Coaching For Dog Owners

At Merritt Dog Training, led by a professional dog behaviorist, our approach focuses on intensive personal coaching. We empower owners to confidently manage their dogs, enhancing communication and strengthening bonds.

Exclusive Canine Training Programs

Canine training at Merritt Dog Training is uniquely tailored. We maintain a strict limit of three dogs per session to ensure personalized attention. Our exclusive, small-group settings allow for a focused and customized dog training program that addresses each canine's and owner's specific needs

Ongoing Support and Practical Application

Our commitment to your dog’s training success extends beyond the initial sessions. We offer continuous personal coaching and support through follow-up sessions in real-world settings, reinforcing the practical application of skills learned and ensuring sustained progress

Empowering Owners: A Key to Lasting Success

The goal of our dog training program is not only to train your dog but also to educate and empower you, the owner. By the end of our program, you will be well-equipped to guide and control your dog in any situation, ensuring lasting behavioral improvements

Group obedience dog training session with Merritt Dog Training, featuring three clients and their dog Listening to Ken


Linda, B walking with her dog Shadow at a group session


Ken Merritt is a natural! After only 2 weeks into our training, Shadow and I are already moving as a team.

Amanda practricing commands with her dog Winstton during his go home appointment


Not only did he teach Winston he also taught me how to properly keep up with his training. it the best investment I ever made...

B, Wash having a personalized training session at Home Depot with her dog Luke


Best dog and dog parent trainer in Charlotte. I've worked with four trainers in Charlotte and Ken was by far the best...

 Why Merritt Dog Training is Your Premier Choice for Dog Training in Charlotte?

 At Merritt Dog Training, our lead dog behaviorist brings expert knowledge to every program, ensuring that each dog receives the focused attention they need. Whether it’s basic obedience training or managing more challenging behaviors, our training is designed to address the specific needs of your pet.

"I would recommend Ken to anyone needing help with their dog."

- Ellen, S

 Why Merritt Dog Training is Your Premier Choice for Dog Training in Charlotte?

Diverse Training Options:

From puppy to adult, our canine training services cover all stages, inclding aggressive dog training, ensuring your dog's best behavior at any age.

Empowering Owners

Our canine training goal is to equip you with skills to handle dog behaviors confidently, ensuring lasting improvements and successful training outcomes.

Expertise in Aggressive and Reactive dog training

Our expertise in reactive dog training and aggressive dog training transforms challenging behaviors, ensuring the safety and well-being of both pets and families.

Ongoing Support and Practical application

Dedicated to Lasting Results

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide continuous guidance and practical applications to ensure your dog's  ongoing success and behavior improvement.

Our commitment to canine training ensures your dog's behavior improvements are long-lasting and effective.

We guarantee positive outcomes with our humane methods, ensuring your satisfaction and your dog's well-being

Ready for a Well-Behaved Dog

Get Started Today: 

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