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Dog training session at Merritt Dog Training in Charlotte, NC

Welcome to Merritt Dog Training 

"I have worked with many trainers in the past... you won't be disappointed if you are able to train with ken"

-Leah Custer

Experience the premier services of Merritt Dog Training, Charlotte's leading dog behaviorist. Our tailored programs, including puppy training, board and train, and in-home dog training, are crafted to meet your specific needs, fostering a lasting bond between your and your pet.

"It's the best investment I've ever made and now my pup and myself can live a much more comfortably and happy."
-Amanda Conaway

Golden retriever dog playing with toilet paper in living room. Purebred doggy pet making m

Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Dog's Energy? 'Discover how Merritt Dog Training can transform chaos into calm, making every day more harmonious."

Is Your Dog's Leash Pulling Making Walks Stressful? 'Find out how we can turn stressful outings into relaxing, bonding experiences with your dog."

Dog fight during a walk-in dog park. German Shepherd and Boxer showing aggression. Owners

Worried About Your Reactive Dog's Behavior in Public? "Learn strategies from Merritt Dog Training to manage public outings confidently, ensuring safety and peace.

Private Dog Training session At Merritt Dog Training in Charlotte, NC

why choose us

 Why Merritt Dog Training is Your Premier Choice for Dog Training in Charlotte?

"Best Dog and Dog Parent Trainer in Charlotte"
-Bernadette Washington

Continuous Supervision and Personalized Care

24/7 Supervision & Tailored Training: Unlike traditional facilities, Merritt Dog Training offers your dog 24/7 supervision in our Board and Train programs. This ensures continuous learning and safety, providing peace of mind and fostering an environment where your dog thrives.

Exclusivity and Focused Attention

Personalized Attention with Limited Capacity: By limiting our program to just three dogs at a time, we guarantee individualized care that allows for real-time adjustments to training strategies. This approach not only reduces stress for your dog but also ensures they receive the focused, tailored training they deserve. In contrast to the divided attention in larger facilities, our dedicated approach accelerates progress and addresses behavioral issues more effectively, providing a superior training experience that aligns with your expectations for personalized care

Comprehensive Training Solutions

Real-World Training for Every Situation: At Merritt Dog Training, we go beyond basic obedience. Our training happens in real-world settings — your home and public spaces — where your dog spends most of their time. This approach ensures they learn to behave well not just in a training facility but everywhere you go together.

"Discover The Merritt Dog Training Difference"

 “Ready to transform your dog’s behavior in the real world? Call us today. Let’s tailor a training plan that meets your dog’s unique needs and prepares them for the adventures you’ll have together.”

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